How do I start working from Home?
Written by Richard August, 2020
How can I start working from Home with no prior experience?
The recent lockdowns, redundancies and traumas around the world forced many people to re-examine their working status and income possibilities.
Millions have lost their jobs, stood down, wondering what next and others are feeling that their working life is hanging on a thread, or worse, no job....
My wife and I have been in the same situation many times not quite knowing what is next! We have been working for ourselves for 50+ years in many businesses, startups, franchise's some very successful others not so much. This can be very stressful but also can open new windows of opportunity as it has done for us.
Social Media Marketing was not our thing at all, I always felt that working hard, looking in your eye and shaking your hand was the proper way to conduct Business....
How wrong was I... We have been working successfully and solely on line now for 10 years. Once again still learning, still making mistakes which is all part of growth...
My big lesson, keep planning, keep doing, keep learning, enjoy each day.
A couple of very important points to think about first.
*Commit to your goal. Make it big, then break it down to bitesized bits.
*Be teachable , educating and improving yourself. Find the best.
*Keep Upgrading your skills. Find courses and programs that are complete.
*This is a Big One, be Focused and Consistent. That I can show you, 'one day at a time'.
Now this is where I come in, when you have the right advice and know how to apply it,
the results come a lot quicker and easier. Sure there is timing involved, so with the best information you can make positive decisions easily.
Now, before you even start you have to ask yourself if you have whatever it takes to do this transformation. Do you have any other viable options?
So lets You and I start NOW...
 Don’t procrastinate until circumstances will be more difficult. If you want to master the secrets that will help you to establish a profitable Online Business make sure you connect with me, Today.
4 Simple Goal Setting Tips.
Written by Richard... August, 2020.
  1. Create Your Elevator Goal
This is a great exercise, almost everyone knows the famous “elevator speech”, where you summarize your business in one sentence after being asked,
“What do you do for a living” by someone you meet on an elevator.
Try doing this when brainstorming your big goal for the month or year.
Imagine you’re standing in an elevator, and either, someone you admire or someone
you hope will become a client or customer asks: “What’s your main business goal for this year, and how will you reach it?”
(Here’s a prompt, in case you are having trouble getting started):
I am going to ____________________ by __________________ for [date]
 2. Use Affirmations To Reinforce Your Goal
How often has your goal disappeared from your mind while you grapple with the realities of daily life?
Keep your goal in your focus by using affirmations to cue and remind yourself daily,
I can, I will, today.
Here are a couple of ideas.
*Set an ambitious goal for the month—one that is slightly out of your comfort zone.
*Choose an affirmation that relates to that activity, print it out in large letters, make a vision board, pin it where it is right in your range of vision when you sit down at your desk.
Say it out loud to yourself, with conviction, every time your eye falls on it.
Mentally visualize achieving your goal while you do this.
 3. Don’t be Passive
Be someone who “makes it happen”. Be a self-starter.
If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it or find a solution.
Take responsibility for achieving your goals. Don’t allow yourself to blame others, circumstances, losses, curveballs or any other external force.
 Remember the old saying: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”
 4. Don’t Give Up!
Want to know the difference between those who achieve their goals and those who habitually don’t?
It’s this simple: The entrepreneurs who achieve spectacular goals don’t give up. It’s not even an option for them.
If something blocks the road, they instinctively look for ways round it. If one door closes, they find another (or climb through the window).
Successful entrepreneurs know that setbacks, including self-doubt, burn-out and other internal and external obstacles are all part of the process. So do your best to enjoy the process—enjoy the adventure—and don’t give up.
Here’s to your success!
Enviromentaly Responsible, 
   Sustainable and Ethical.

Written by Richard,    August,  2020

Running a Small Business, means you have to be selling something!
Now, there are literally millions of products, books, bolts, clothes, education, essential oils, nutrition, courses, pet products, home cleaning, enviromental friendly products, paintings, travel, as I said the list is endless...
With the right training, support and products you can do anything from home. Our aim is to give you all 3 so you can be highly successful on
'Your Own' just with our support.
Forget the pain of not having enough, going without and what the future may hold!
It is time for you to concour your fears, realise your dreams and start a new adventure with us, not for us, but for Yourself...

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